Meet Farrah Kader!

With a lead part in the 2016, Project Marathwada plus a major role in the Amazon Prime film Downtown, to participating in Indiaʼs first ever digital reality series cum social experiment ‘Arre Ho Ja Regender,ʼ Indian actress Farrah Kader is a star on the rise and sheʼs winning at life.
Fast forward to 2018, one of the most prestigious talent management agencies in India, Jelly Bean Entertainment signed her–Farrah’s career hit its zenith in the early ‘2019. She appeared in an Interscope record label, music video and is drawing attention for her edgy and grungy style and personality. The actress-turned-model– and a social media sensation is the face of her fair share of brand campaigns as an influencer, and has previously been published in high-profile fashion magazines & Calendar. Farrah’s classic look is almost solely defined by her big smiles and her vivacious, athletic demeanour.

Thereʼs an unspoken rule that actresses in Bollywood should strive for physical perfection, or at least the illusion of it. But Farrah Kader never was one to play by the book, and she is not about to start now. For her New Yorkʼs Solis Magazine photo shoot, the actress appeared unaltered or retouched, come what may (blemishes, undereye circles, the odd errant hair). It was a brave, even provocative, decision that required no small amount of self-confidence.

In other words, it was very Farrah.

Farrah is interesting because sheʼs not what she appears to be at first. Born to Muslim parents with a sibling, and raised in the heart of Indiaʼs Mumbai she comes from a tight knit family with Muslim family values. The fact that Farrah has reached explosive fame over the last couple of years is perhaps surprising; She makes art, she makes noise, she makes a difference — shattering glass ceilings and even tougher stuff. She never shies away from speaking her mind. Hereʼs one of her quotable remarks “womanhood be like head, heart & hole on fire.“

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