What to wear during Weddings? Story of a bridal theme shoot.

It’s raining bridal theme shoots at this time of the year, every year and here’s why my latest editorial collaboration is with TMM India Magazine & Amit Khanna Photography. The shoot was an amazing experience -in 3 different looks, right from the selection of ‘Rimayu’ jewellery , to ‘ Label Sharad Raghav’ outfits to Sahil Anand Arora makeup and Victor Robinson styling. 

Motivated to make the 2019 wedding season inspiration most special gift for their readers TMM INDIA with celebrity photographer Amit Khanna worked devotedly to present a spread of a different style in to air of the magazine. I was super excited about the shoot – and the pictures doubled my happyness .

Summer is incomplete without insights into what to wear during weddings. Now, in 2019, it’s all about the most wearable summer friendly options and creating a combination of your own, so for once it is refreshing to see multiple options to wear for 2019 summer weddings from the designer Sharad Raghav. There is a little something for everyone in here. I loved that his lehengas even though opulent are all about re-usability, Bonus! could be worn after as well, I mean weddings happen all year round. It cannot get better than this. This is what I keep looking for in fashion. I love the colors of all 3 outfits, from beautiful green to vibrant red to cinderella pink, without much drama, they still create a perfect statement. 

Beautiful embroideries, exquisite finish and hand-crafted bespoke beautiful, jewellery by Indu Karnani. Indian wedding is where we bring out colour, craft and tradition in full glory. Enough room to experiment, we bring out the madness in total form and I’m really delighted to be able to share a beautiful collection of images that showcases the work of this talented woman. Cripes, I am dying over the jewellery in this shoot too – The jewellery is alllllll kinds of special and is going to be inspiring sooo many brides-to-be; I can’t help but feel like I’m part of a secret, royal-only club. 

Enjoy the prettiness you all ladies and gents and maybe do allow yourself to be a little tempted to surf through and discover some new shopping opportunities… Which is your favourite neckpiece design? Which is your favourite lehenga? Lovely stuff to inspire isn’t it? 


Special thanks to Jelly Bean Entertainment ️forever ! 

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